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Workshop 2006 - Philippe Carrese

Philippe Carese was born in Marseilles in 1956. Musician and fan of B series films, comics and jazz, he studied cinema at the famous IDHEC (Institute of Cinema High Studies) in Paris in the 70’s, while playing rock ‘n roll, afro-cuban and funk music with gusto.

As a film maker, he has directed a few comedy series for television, among them the mythical “Bzzz”( with Bruno Carette and Chantal Lauby) and “Bazar”, with a few less well-known nuts, then he directed a few big budget TV films (“Conrad”, “The War of the Rocks”). His two latest TV films, “Malaterra” (2004) and “Liberata” (2005) won two years in a row the Jury Special Prize at the TV fiction festival in Saint Tropez. Recently “Malaterra” was awarded the Grand Prize at the European TV film Festival of Igualda in Spain. At the same time, Philippe Carrese leads a pertinent carreer as a composer and press cartoonist.

Madly in love with his home town where he lives, faithful to his Mediterranean roots, he launches himself in the early 90’s into writing chronicles about Marseilles in bitingly humourous thrillers. He thus broaches all the topics which make this town a world apart: the “aïloli politics”, the underground economy, the monkey business, the networks and the clans, the daily life of the popular neighbourhoods, the ”Marseillais patois”, and the scathing customs of the local people. He is one of the leading actors of the literary renaissance of Marseilles.

Philippe Carrese is a film maker, script writer, but also cartoonist and composer (credits and TV films).

Creation date : 27/03/2006 : 21:44
Last update : 27/03/2006 : 21:44
Category : Workshop 2006

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