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Short films - Program 2

The end

Maxime Leduc, Martin Ruyant & Michel Samreth

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 6'10'' - Animation - 1er film

A scarecrow becomes friend with a bird and a betrayer to the other ones of his like.

Scénario,Image & Montage Maxime Leduc, Michel Samreth & Martin Ruyant Musique originale Jean-Baptiste Saint-Pol & Arnaud Liefooghe

Production Supinfocom ValenciennesTERTIA 3000 10 Avenue Henri Matisse 59300 Aulnoy-les-Valenciennes France - Tel +33 (0)3 27 28 43 53 - E.mail

DistributionPremium Films 130 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France - Tel +33 (0)1 42 77 06 39 - E.mail


Aurélie Fréchinos, Thomas Wagner & Victor-Emmanuel Moulin

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 5'40'' - Animation - 1er film

Two robots teach French to a young boy without saying a word.

Scénario,Image, Son & Montage Aurélie Fréchinos, Victor-Emmanuel Moulin & Thomas Wagner

Production Supinfocom Arles 2 Route de Crau 13200 Arles France - Tel +33 (0)4 90 49 58 54 - E.mail

Distribution Premium Films 130 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France - Tel +33 (0)1 42 77 06 39 - E.mail

Sur le fil

Jean-Baptiste Ferder, Amélie Moussu & Lucie Hiawka

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 6'25'' - Animation - 1er film

The daily life of a man drifting from solitude to insanity.

Scénario, Image & Montage Jean-Baptiste Ferder, Lucie Hiawka & Amélie Moussu Musique originale Benjamin Scampini, Manuel Laisne & Olivier Legoupil

Production Supinfocom Valenciennes TERTIA 3000 10 Avenue Henri Matisse 59300 Aulnoy-les-Valenciennes France - Tel +33 (0)3 27 28 43 53 - E.mail

Distribution Premium Films 130 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France - Tel +33 (0)1 42 77 06 39 - E.mail

Among strangers

Naomi Wilson

Irlande - 2005 - Béta SP - 11' - Animation - 3ème film

On a beach in the 1920's, a young boy sneak into an old fisherman's hut... The events which unfold lead him to a lifelong fascination with stories of the selchies or grey atlantic seal.

Scénario Naomi Wilson & Brian Doyle Image Naomi Wilson Son Brian Doyle Montage Naomi Wilson Musique originale Brian Doyle Voix off Geoff Magee & Merlin Cummins

Production Metropolitan Films Ardmore Studios, Herbert Road Bray Co. WicklowIrlande - Tel +353 1 28 62 971 - E.mail

 Distribution Network Ireland TV 23 South Frederick St. Dublin 2 Irlande - Tel +353 1 6797309

Mademoiselle Bulle

Marie Giraudet

France - 2005 - DV - 3'20" - Animation - 1er film

The sun falls asleep when Tya, a young puppet, is distrarcted from her reading by a butterfly. As she plunges again into the reading of her letter, all of a sudden, the town behind her discovers its activity and reveals its darkness.

Scénario Marie Giraudet Image Céline Lixon & Vincent Pouplard Son Jéremie Halbert Montage Eloi Brignaudy & Marie Giraudet Musique originale Mansfield Tya

Production Makiz'art 11 Rue des Olivettes 44100 Nantes France - Tel +33 (0)2 40 74 90 78 - E.mail

Verse & dish

Shinya Okada

Japon - 2005 – Béta SP - 10' - Expérimental - 3ème film

He is a gourmet chef, she, a poet and a calligrapher, two people living in separate worlds. Can they ever meet? A common inspiration brings them together to a chance encounter.

Scénario & Image Shinya Okada Son Kazuhiko Ogawa Montage Shinya Okada Interprètes Shintaro Arakane & Mayumi Haraguchi


Distribution A Fox & A Monk Productions Box 389 90108 Umea Suède - Tel +46 73 805 6928 - E.mail

N° 92

Brice Kartmann

France - 2004 - Mini DV - 5' - Expérimental - 2ème film

The nuclear powerplant of Chinon is located on a route I often travel. Many times it has raised discussions about the importance of nuclear power production in France and the dangers that it represents. Unable to have a clear point of view about these issues, I decided to go to the powerplant and shoot it and shoot the pylons on the way.

Scénario, Image, Son & Montage Brice Kartmann Musique originale Brice Kartmann, Jean Desaire & Simon Desaire

Production Sans Canal Fixe 32 Rue Jean-Jacques Noirmant 37000 Tours France - Tel +33 (0)2 47 05 24 78 - E.mail

Mind Vertigo

Vasco Santos & Vasco Portugal

Portugal - 2005 - Béta SP - 3' - Expérimental - 2ème film

We all have strange feelings that we walk into a common limit. Innocence travels along, close to psychological frontiers.

Scénario &Image Vasco Santos & Vasco Portugal Son Vasco Santos Montage Tiago Januario

Production & Distribution Restart Cais Português, lote 2.11.01 Ac, Parque das Naçoes 1990-223 Lisbonne Portugal - Tel + 351 218 9235 74 - E.mail


Raphaël Balboni & Anne Herbauts

Belgique - 2005 - Mini DV - 10'19'' - Expérimental - 1er film

In a dream, the idiot builds himself an orchard. He creates a refuge for himself, and there, he plants trees.

Scénario Anne Herbauts Image Raphaël Balboni & Anne Herbauts Son Benoît Fromentin & Raphaël Balboni Montage Raphaël Balboni Musique originale Benoît Fromentin

Production Anne Herbauts 525 Chaussee de la Hulpe 1170 Bruxelles Belgique - Tel +32 2 673 06 53 - E.mail


Gabriele Agresta

Italie - 2005 - Mini DV - 7' - Expérimental - 3ème film

The suffering of the birth, the creation and the failure of this act are represented through images and words association. I tried a tragic relationship between the gestation of a being and rising of the sense from the matter.

Scénario, Image, Son & Montage Gabriele Agresta Interprète Gabriele Martinetto

Production Unanswered Production Via Birolli, 2 20125 Milan Italie - Tel +39 02 69 00 42 59 - E.mail

La coupure

Wei Wei

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 6'15 - Expérimental - 1er film

Loneliness is something you can't avoid.

Scénario& Image Wei Wei Son Lu Jia Jia Musique originale Lu Jia Jia Interprètes Wang Meng Long, Zhang Wen & Wei Wei

Production Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 31 Rue d'Ulm 75240 Paris Cédex 05 France - Tel +33 (0)1 42 34 98 83 -,

Distribution Heure exquise Le Fort Rue de Normandie BP 113 59370 Mons en Baroeul France - Tel +33 (0)3 20 432 432 - E.mail

La danse du renard pâle

Laurent Bonnotte

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 8'25" - Expérimental - 2ème film

Dance of the pale fox: the tale of a man's wandering among myths. The powerful words deeply trouble the wanderer. Signs of chaos appear over his body as he travels the stone city.

Scénario, Image, Son & Montage Laurent Bonnotte Musique originale Gérard Bonnotte

Autoproduction - E.mail


Nancy Dinh

France - 2005 - Béta SP - 6'15" - Expérimental - 1er film

There are memories from long ago that come back to us and, after years, suddenly claim their existence. The sensation of distance in time evaporates. It has always been here, but its essence is rediscovered. We are always in the process of separating from one thing to reconnect with another.

Scénario & Image Nancy Dinh Son Nancy Dinh & Peter Poston Musique originale John Adams & Peter Poston

Production Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 31 Rue d'Ulm 75240 Paris Cédex 05 France - Tel +33 (0)1 42 34 98 83 - E.mail,

Distribution Heure exquise Le Fort Rue de Normandie BP 113 59370 Mons en Baroeul France - Tel +33 (0)3 20 432 432 - E.mail

Don Quixote in Jérusalem

Dani Rosenberg

Israël - 2005 - 35 mm - 5' - Fiction - 2ème film

Don Quixote and Sancho Pancha arrive in Israel in the year 2004. They reach a hill on the Jérusalem by-pass road overlooking the wall, which divides Israel and the Palestinian Authority. They inspect their target...

Scénario Dani Rosenberg Image Itamar Mendes-Flohr Son Binya Reches Montage Neta Dvorkis Interprètes Samuel Wolf & Gabi Amrani-Gur

Production The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School Jérusalem 4 Yad Harutzim St, PO Box 10636 91103 Jérusalem Israël -  Tel +972 2 67 31 950  - E.mail

Creation date : 22/02/2006 : 17:39
Last update : 06/03/2006 : 18:09
Category : Short films

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