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Short films - Program 5

Histoire à chuchoter

Maxime Donzel

France - 2005 - 35 mm - 9' - Fiction - 1er film

He is twelve, he lives on an island. An island without children. He's never seen any, except in his fairy tale books. When he goes exploring the forbidden part of the island, he's faced with the fate of fairytales.

Scénario Maxime Donzel Image Stephen Barcelo Son Serge Rouquairol Montage Stéphane Canestrelli Musique originale Sikim Interprètes Antonin Falk, Alexandra Anastasio & Germaine Aubert

Production GREC 14 Rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris France - Tel +33(0)1 44 89 99 99 - E.mail


Cécile Rousset

France - 2005 - 35 mm - 7'20" - Animation - 1er film

Paul had been my neighbour for about 15 years. He's a comedian and today is 83 years old. I recorded this footage of him when he was talking about his life and I later added animation to it. In this portrait anecdotes of his life, past and present, are mixed with drama, nevertheless they are told with a simple and satirical narrative.

Scénario & Image Cécile Rousset Son Cécile Rousset, Arnaud Lefevre & Julien Ngo-Trong Montage Cécile Rousset Musique originale Denis Uhalde Voix off Paul Rieger

Production & Distribution Les films sauvages 33 avenue de Saint Ouen 75017 Paris France - Tel +33(0)1 42 29 55 04 - E.mail

Poids Plume

Nolwenn Lemesle

France - 2005 - 35 mm - 20'26" - Fiction - 1er film

Léa, 16, is craving for the love of a father who abandoned them, her mother and her. She puts all of her rage into dance practicing with hopes of entering one day a school of classical dance. Léa thinks she bears the weight of the world and stops eating...

Scénario Nolwenn Lemesle Image Fabien Lamotte Son Lionel Dousset Montage Ana Agnello Musique originale Karim Berraf Interprètes Tessa Scszeliniarz, Marie Bunuel, Fabienne Chaudat, Antoine Coesens, Douna Coesens & Pierre Boulanger

Production GREC 14 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris France - Tel +33(0)1 44 89 99 99 -

She Says...

Lin Chun-Hua

Taiwan - 2005 - 35 mm - 6' - Animation - 2ème film

A girl falls out of a closet. She’s after the light ball falling out of the closet as well. Up on the stairs, she falls when the stairs fall and she is no more a little girl. A woman falls on the floor, she wrinkles the screen as if it’s a cloth. Wrinkles become lines that separate red and black…

Scénario,Image & Montage Lin Chun-Hua Musique originale Chen-Chen Ho

Production IFPA F3, No 32, Lane 113 Da-Jen Street Kuei-Jen Country 711 Tainan County TaiwanR.O.C. - Tel  +886 953 149 173 - E.mail


André Bergs

Pays-Bas - 2005 - 35 mm - 3'30" - Animation - 1er film

In a busy city, an old man can no longer catch up. He has his own slow pace, making it impossible for him to connect with anybody. When he meets a little girl, it appears he is not completely alone in his isolation from the bustling world.

Scénario André Bergs Son Lucas Van Tol Animation, &Montage André Bergs Musique originale Alex Debicki

Production & Distribution Il Luster Productions Herenweg 45 3513 CB Utrecht Pays-Bas - Tel  +31 30 24 007 68 - E.mail

Antonio's breakfast

Daniel Mulloy

Royaume Uni - 2005 - 35 mm - 15'58" - Fiction - 3ème film

Unable to dress, eat, move or breath on his own, Antonio's father depends on him son.

Scénario Daniel Mulloy Image Robbie Ryan Son Robert Bourke Montage Dan Robinson Musique originale 15 family, Quentin Thomas Interprètes Dominique Kavaan, George Irvine, Derrion Adams, Daniel Campbell, Kurt Burgess, Romell Holness & Doreen Mantle

Production & Distribution Amber T-Finlayson et Sister Films - Amber T-Finlayson 46 Parliament hill mansions Lissen Gardens NW5 IN4 Londres Royaume Uni -  Tel +44 20 7419 06 08 - E.mail

El Gran Zambini

Emilio Pérez & Igor Legarreta

Espagne - 2005 - 35 mm - 14' - Fiction - 2ème film

The remains of an ancient circus can still be seen on the outskirts of a big city.

Scénario David Abia, Igor Legarreta & Emilio Pérez Image David Tudela Son Sounders Creación Sonora Montage José Sánchez Musique originale Fernando Velázquez Interprètes Emilio Gavira, Aníbal Tártalo & Esperanza De la Vega

Production Aprieta Fuerte Avenida Iparraguirre, 48. 2ºA 48940 Leioa Epagne  - Tel  +34 94 463 23 86 - E.mail

Distribution Kimuak Euskadiko Filmategia - Filmoteca Vasca Avda Sancho el Sabio, 17 Trasera 20010 Donostia-San Sebastian Espagne - Tel +34 943 45 38 00- E.mail


Ryan Eoin

Irlande - 2005 - 35 mm - 9'30 - Animation

In a tiny cell, somewhere in the Prison District of Heaven, there is a new inmate. A demon, she will not look out her window because the light burns her. But outside there is a persistent visitor...

Scénario Eoin Ryan Image David Grennan Son Jon Stevenson Montage Joe Mc Hugh Interprètes Anna Olson & Eoin Ryan

Production Zanita Films Ardmore Studios, Herbert Road, Bray Co. Wicklow Irlande - Tel  +353 1 286 2971 - E.mail

Distribution Network Television Ireland 23 South Frederick street Dublin Irlande - Tel +353 1 679 7309

Black day to freedom

Rob Chiu

Royaume Uni - 2005 - 35 mm - 3'56" - Animation - 2ème film

Created as a fictional back story to the global problem of the displacement of peoples, Black Day to Freedom portrays a city in turmoil with the loss and tragedy of a young family at the center of the tale.

Scénario & Montage Rob Chiu Son William Snavely Illustration Steve Chiu Musique originale Diagram of Suburban Chaos

Production The Ronin 77 Norwood Road  Huddersfield HD2 2YD West Yorkshire Royaume Uni - Tel  +44 7949 144 651 - E.mail

Distribution Autour de minuit Productions 21 Rue Henry Monnier 75009 Paris - Tel +33(0)1 42 81 17 28 - E.mail

Two hands

Fabio Wuytack

Belgique - 2004 - 16 mm - 5'50'' - Documentaire - 2ème film

Palestina has got only 4 heart surgeons. One of them, Mohammed Tamim, came to Belgium in 2003 to specialize in paediatric surgery. The second « Intifada » made him a war surgeon. Every day he fights his war.

Scénario Fabio Wuytack Image Rein Cosaert & Sebastian Esposito Son Dries Vervaet Montage  Fabio Wuytack, Geert Heymans & Ludo Troch Musique originale Emmanuel Sproelants

Autoproduction - E.mail


Creation date : 28/02/2006 : 16:48
Last update : 14/03/2006 : 15:16
Category : Short films

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